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Badui Small

Badui Small

$110.00 USD

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Koja messenger bag is made from tree bark called "Teureup". This bag is good for everyday use. 

No artificial color, only natural brown color. Kota bag is a sustainable bag, completely biodegradable.

In this version of the Badui bag the linen material has been added in the upper part of the bag and the strip is made of leather.

Size of bag 
Length = 29 cm ( can be stretch )
Height = 30cm



This collection is inspired by the Baduy tribe in Indonesia, province of Banten. They are considered an uncontested people, a group who are almost completely isolated from the outside world. This collection seeks to represent the lifestyle of this tribe, their way of life, their honor and respect for mother nature. We take as center of the collection, the bag Koja. It is perfect traditional bag, size and shape. We are also developing new contemporary methods of using this natural sustainable tree bark string.