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Lilla Lane

Summer Madras Tote

Summer Madras Tote

$155.00 USD

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This transparent nylon is one of our sustainable design. We use leather scraps to make the checked board technique sew on strip by strip on the bag.  With its square paloma technique, the Madras tote has a strong character. Day or night, this shoulder bag is perfect to carry on a long day out, laptop, wallet, charger, make up…

  • Zip closure
  • Large inside zipper safety pocket 
  • Inside open pocket
  • Leather strap

46’W x 31’H x 12’D 


The Summer collection is an evolution of paloma collection using a light net base nylon material. Cutting leather into strips and sewing one by one onto the net takes away the total transparency of the bag. It takes a minimum of one day to sew a bag. The summer collection has introduced metallic leather to Lilla Lane, giving a modern futuristic edge.